About Us

About Havicus Group In London

Tex Johnson Founder

The Havicus Group was created to help independent London based Estate Agents to successfully market and promote their properties for sale and for rent in their local area.  We do this mainly with the use of video marketing.  We create videos that rank on the first page of search engines and drive traffic from search engines like Google directly to our clients websites.

Over the last 10 years or more Estate Agents in London and the UK have been reliant on Right Move and then Zoopla for the bulk of their online marketing.  Lately a number of Estate Agents have grouped together to form “On The Market” which is an alternative property portal established to challenge the duopoly created by Right Move and Zoopla.  However; we felt there was a need for something different in the market.  None of these portals were utilizing the power of video.  Video is one of the most engaging forms of media, but it is not being used by the vast majority of Estate Agents nor the property portals. The Havicus Group aims to change all that.

Our first goal is to secure 150 to 200 clients in London and help them to dominate local online search in their local areas with the use of video, social media and other rich content online.  The use of video marketing will be the most important service and tool that we will be utilizing to drive website visits and phone calls from potential customers to our clients.

Daniel Cooper Co-Founder

We believe that just as many people go to Google to search for properties to buy, sell or rent as go directly to portals such as Right Move or Zoopla.  Whether they search Google first or go to Google after searching the portals, they will eventually visit Google and other search engines to look for properties in the local area they which to reside.  When a search is done in Google our listings will standout over Right Move or Zoopla because of the video thumbnail image, compared to the usual text listing you will see from Right Move or Zoopla.  This will give our clients an edge over the competition.

Our next goal is to establish this Listings Directory for London Estate Agents.  At the time of writing this Directory is still in the process of completion.  If you are visiting this page between May 2016 and July 2016 then we are currently still working on the site and you will see dummy sample listings, some pages with no content etc, etc.  Please bear with us.  The site will be fully ready by first week in August 2016.  No Estate Agents will be able to join the Directory before then.

The goal and purpose of this Estate Agents Listings Directory will be to post our clients listing on the relevant local area page/section on our website and for that page to also rank on the first page of Google (Along with the first page ranked video) for the keywords searched by potential customers of our clients.  This means our clients will have multiple listings in Google for very targeted keywords which will lead to more qualified inquiries.

Our medium to long term goal is to create the first video property portal whereby our Estate Agents can simply shoot video footage of any property they which to sell or rent, upload it to our video portal and have that video showing up on the first page of search engines within hours of being uploaded!

We have some big plans in store for the marketing and promotion of property via the use of video, social media and rich content.  So watch this space.